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The unique and incredible Trolltunga, Norway

Sep 2, 2018

Sometimes you have to live life on the edge! For this early morning photo shoot, it was a very literal edge… Trolltunga (the Troll’s Tongue) hovers 700m above the lake below, and had my heart pumping as I crept towards one of the most unique cliff tops I’ve seen. It’s a solid 6 hour hike up to the top of the mountain over some difficult and frozen terrain (we went as winter was kicking in – naughty us). We decided to hike up to Trolltunga in the afternoon and pitch a tent on top of the mountain and stay the night. As winter had just started to arrived, the top area of this mountain was covered in snow. I can’t describe how freezing it was at night. It must have been easily south of -10 degrees celcius. But having the sunrise all to ourselves the next morning, made all the pain the previous night worth while. One of the most memorable mornings I’ve had.


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