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The incredible coast at Vestrahorn, Iceland

Jul 31, 2018

This was an early morning sunrise shoot, which took quite a bit of determination to capture. As my alarm went off at 4am, it was raining outside the tent, and it was absolutely freezing. But, in the end I dragged myself out of my sleeping bag and drove 45 minutes down the dirt road to this stunner of a location, where I trekked out among the dunes in the rain (yeah, it was still raining). The wind was blowing like crazy, so getting an image off without huge water marks on the lens was next to impossible. But patience finally did the trick, and it eased up just for a few minutes for me to fire off this shot. But in typical Iceland fashion, just after I hit the shutter-release button, the weather went back to punishing me again, lol.

But hey, in the end, it’s absolutely worth it!


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