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Tat Kuang Si Falls

Mar 9, 2018

This stunning jewel of northern Laos consists of several dozen turquoise lagoons and countless waterfalls. These hidden gems litter the jungle in this area, and you can spend hours searching through the foliage finding your own hidden lagoon. Leaving the town of Luang Prabang, you can step through the gorgeous mountains and pastures of the countryside on a scooter for nearly an hour to arrive here. It’s also a sanctuary for rescued sun and moon bears that have been saved from the bile industry.

  1. Jim Scancella

    Love the shot. You are very inspiring indeed. Just curious as to the settings and equipment you used for this shot. As I recall you have been traveling with a mirrorless camera–The Sony?
    Like I said you are truly inspiring.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

    • clint

      Hey Jim,
      First of all – thanks a bunch for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying the pics. New Zealand was quite photogenic! As for my equipment and settings, yes I’m using a Sony A7R. This was taken with the Sony 16-35mm @ 16mm, at approx f/8. Though it’s made up of 7 images. 6 focus stacked images to get everything in focus from the front road texture to the mountain in the back, and a separate exposure to get the stars to pop.

      Thanks heaps for following along 🙂 Many more pics on the way.



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