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Rob Roy Glacier, New Zealand

Apr 30, 2018

This stunning trek leads you right into the Mount Aspiring National Park, which is surrounded by mountains and full of glistening glaciers, river valleys and alpine lakes. It’s also one that can be done within a day trip from Wanaka. I took extra time than usual on this particular hike, due to the incredible scenery towards the end point, where rivers ran their way between alpine forests, with a backdrop of overhanging glaciers and waterfalls. Perfect for some landscape photography.

Best of all, if you take a packed lunch, when you get to the end, you can kick back on the grass with your eyes closed, and just listen to the distant waterfalls and echoes from the crashing glaciers.

Yep, stunning! 

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  1. Joya

    Thank you for the helpful information. I am very happy and grateful that you shared this with us. Thanks for sharing and please keep us informed with new information when possible.


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