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Northern lights above Goðafoss

Aug 7, 2018

Already one of the more graceful locations in Iceland, it’s hard to improve on the ambiance of this particular waterfall. However, add in the still of night, throw in the soft glow from the moon, and the magnificent dance of the Aurora Borealis, and you’ve done it. Simply amazing!

This was actually my 3rd evening in a row coming back to this location. The first The first 2 were sunset shoots, and the 3rd I decided to stay up late and arrive early AM hours. And WOW was I rewarded!

In order to get here, you need a bit more time than usual, as it’s in the far north-east of the island. But for those making the journey around the entire island, it will definitely be a highlight of your trip.

Goðafoss, it’s amazing at any time of the day and in any light conditions.


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