Iguazu Falls Devils Throat

Iguazu Falls would have to be one of the most destructive and beautiful sites (at the same time) on the planet. At 2.5 km’s (1.5 miles) long, it’s one of the widest waterfalls in the world. In wet season, over 13 MILLION litres (that’s 13,000,000) of water spill over every single second. This of course is absolutely impossible to imagine, and in this circumstance – seeing is believing! And wow what a site this is. The ‘Devil’s Throat’ at the most northern end of the falls, is just a small section of Iguazu, but by far is the most jaw dropping part of the day.

This particular photograph doesn’t actually encompass the full force of the ‘Devil’s Throat’, but is what leads directly up to it. The epicentre of the carnage is just to the right of this frame.

These series of shots of the Devil’s Throat, would have to be some of the most difficult photographs I’ve had to take. The amount of mist (which was more like heavy rain at times) in the air meant that my camera was saturated within a second of taking it out, no matter what way I was facing. So to pull this shot off, I had to set everything up manually underneath my clothes; including estimating the shutter speed and manually focus (as by the time the auto focus or light metering system kicked in, there was too much water on the lens to take a clear shot). Then quickly whip it out and take the photo without anytime at all to compose. Due to how overcast the day was, I waited quite a while till the sun breached the clouds and lit up that grass for a nice rich green before taking the shot. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in such difficult circumstances

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