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HIGHLIGHT: Samoa, a gem in the south pacific

Thousands of kilometres from the nearest major land mass, in the heart of the South Pacific, sits a hidden gem barely touched by tourism, called Samoa.

The amazing Skogafoss, Iceland

The famous Skogafoss waterfall on Iceland's south-coast. One of the more famous waterfalls in Iceland, and it's easy to see why. This 60m high waterfall is not just beautiful, it's easily accessible, and easily admirable from below and above. There's a legend here at...

Iceland’s secret waterfall

Alright, it's not that secret... Many people managed to find the "secret waterfall" just fine, lol. However, it's breathtaking and unique none the less. A cavern opens up at the cliff edge, with a stream that is flowing out from the blackness inside. Entering the...

Farewell Europe, you’ve been amazing

A quick summary of our 6 amazing months in Europe. From cycling 3,500km’s across the continent, to road tripping around the Balkans, to camping across Iceland and exploring Norway’s Arctic region.

Cycling Slovakia

Interested in getting off the beaten track and seeing some beautiful scenery on your cycle trip? Then seriously think about cycling Slovakia, it’s amazing!

Morskie Oko

A stunning place located in southern Poland, in the Tatra mountains. Morskie Oko packs a punch when it comes to scenery and hiking trails.

Cycling the Baltics

Cycling across the Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is an absolute breeze. Beautiful countryside, with quaint historic towns to visit along the way.

Wanderings in Burma (Myanmar) pt.2

This article is a continuation from part 1 Oh, Bagan! ...Once upon a time I received a message from my wife, asking me "what do you think about Burma?". A simple google image search gave me all I needed to respond. "WE HAVE TO GO!!". Within a year, we step foot on...

Wanderings in Burma (Myanmar) pt.1

For those of you who love the Asian culture, but are after something different, Myanmar (or Burma) is the place for you. Cut off from the world for decades has left this country largely untouched compared to all its neighbours.

Clint’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World

The list below is an assembly of my favourite natural wonders from various locations around the world. I've used the term "natural" to describe wonders that have occurred naturally without any human intervention. Having been on the road for most of my adult life, I've...

What camera to take on your next holiday

It’s a question we always ask ourselves each time we go on a holiday. Do I take something big and expensive that takes super awesome shots, or just a little point and shoot to be safe and is cheaper?”. The answer is a lot more simple than you think!

2014 – a year in review

2014 was quite a special year. We brought in the new year while celebrating in a beautiful and quaint little town in the western mountains of Colombia, called Salento. This was one of our last stops before taking the long journey south to Patagonia, the end of the...

Photography Cheat Sheet

A photography cheat sheet for the beginner. A PDF document that can be downloaded or printed and taken with you in the field and used as a quick guide for when things get confusing.

Danakil Depression, the Cruelest Place on Earth

Four days in a 4WD travelling around what National Geographic dubs “The cruelest place on earth”. The Danakil Depression has the hottest average temperature on the planet, void of nearly all life, and a vast wasteland from horizon to horizon. But boasts one of the worlds few and rare persistent lava lakes that bubbles red hot magma all year round, and home to some of the most bizarre landscapes that looks more like Mars than Earth.

Unveiling Machu Picchu

Perched on top of a mountain, nearly entirely surrounded by several hundred metre high vertical cliff faces with a mote of water below, enclosed from the outside world by cloud piercing peaks, enshrouded in early morning mist awaiting to be revealed, sits one of the worlds most mesmerizing sites on the planet, Machu Picchu

The Wonders of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Oh, Bagan! …Once upon a time I received a message from Kirsty, asking: “what do you think about Burma?” A simple google image search gave me all I needed to respond. “WE HAVE TO GO!!”, I shouted back. Within a year, we both stepped foot on Myanmar soil. What sent us...

2014 Travel Photographer Awards: 2nd place!

I'm proud to say that I just got awarded 2nd place travel photographer of the year, in the "2014 International Travel Photography Awards" competition, amateur category. Out of thousands of entries from photographers around the world, I'm pretty happy with the result!...

The Rolling Hills of Willunga, South Australia

The beautiful hills above Willunga come alive with colour during and just after the winter months. The rolling pastures make for some spectacular countryside views, especially around sunset when the golden light saturates the landscape. with the fresh air and gorgeous...

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