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A hidden gem in Norway’s Arctic

Jul 29, 2018

After several hours of hiking, the evening was coming to a close, and I had not managed to reach my destination of this elusive beach I had managed to find out about. White sand, clear waters, backed by rugged peaks that rise straight out of the ocean. Waters that you’d expect to find in the tropics, in Norway’s far north. Incredible. So I immediately picked up the pace and made sure I got to where I needed to be.⠀

Finally reaching the destination I was absolutely amazed by it’s seclusion, and how everything I had heard about it, was true. I was all alone looking at this beauty. A bizarre, yet eerie feeling.⠀

As the weather started to close in, the light started to fade, and I had several hours hike back over rough terrain. I had no mobile phone, no gear to spend the night, so I had to get a move on. Reaching a nearby ridge to cross the mountains, snow started falling, and sleet hit me hard in the face as the wind picked up. With only a jacket, I would never be able to survive the night, so I did my shoes and backpack up extra tight, and started running over the mountain and down the other side. As careful as I was, I ended up injuring my knee. Something that could have been fatal several kilometres earlier. But I managed to hobble out over the next couple of hours through the darkness to where the car was. I made it out, and even though physically shattered, I was so happy mentally!⠀

This was my last hike for the 3 months we had in the Arctic (Iceland and Norway). So the knee injury was worth it!


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