Loving it so far as the scenery is quite beautiful. With all the national parks and beaches, I'm hoping for some nice seascapes. But in the meanwhile I'll leave you with this seascape from the west coast of Myanmar I took several months back…

Myanmar's hidden coastline long exposure

One of the many stunning beaches found on the west coast of Myanmar (Burma). This area of Myanmar has only recently opened up for tourism. So if you make the effort to get here, you'll basically have it all to yourself. When you do go, make sure you hire a scooter and ride it as fast as you can along the empty 11km sandy stretch at sunset.

In order to get this photograph, we took a 27 hour cargo boat ride (from hell) along Myanmar's south west river system.  Followed by a 4 hour passenger bus ride (closer resembling an old school ice cream truck with no suspension) along a bumpy and winding dirt track in order to hit our destination …and of course, then I got down and dirty with my tripod for a sunset shoot :-)

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