Just a quick update for everyone. I’m currently in process of updating the website to a new design. It should look pretty cool with a some nice parallax scrolling and sliders :-) Also, coming with the new design with be a truck load of my recent photographs from Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Jordan, Mexico & Guatemala. I’m hoping it will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

…Don’t have the patience and want to see some photo’s now? No probs! I’m on Facebook and Google+, which is actually where I do most of my interacting while on the road. What I like most about these platforms is that it enables connecting with a large audience effortless while making browsing and sharing content with others much easier. Also, it is a fantastic way to stay connected and up to date anywhere and everywhere on your smart phone.

So pop on in and say hello!


A quick preview of some upcoming images…




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