Our trusted photographer and extensive equipment reviewer +Gordon Laing has come through with the goods yet again with a thorough in-depth review (probably the first) of the muchly anticipated full frame mirrorless cameras by +Sony!

Being a bit of a travel photographer myself, I have taken extremely kindly to the Sony NEX-7 this last year as it's accompanied me west around the globe, so I'll be definitely looking forward to some hands on with the A7r myself.

Thanks Gordon!!

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Sony A7r
Reshared post from +Gordon Laing

Sony Alpha A7r review complete!

I think I've just published the first in-depth review of the Alpha A7r, Sony's flagship mirrorless camera! As most of you know, the A7r was launched in October alongside the A7, a pair of almost identical full-frame mirrorless cameras with weather-sealed bodies, tilting screens, large and detailed viewfinders, Wifi and much more. The big difference between them was the specification of their respective sensors: 24 Megapixels with embedded phase detect on the A7 and 36 Megapixels with no low pass filter on the A7r. 

The big questions then were not only how they compared to each other, but also how they compared to the existing full-frame DSLRs, especially the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Nikon D800e. Could they deliver similar or even superior quality? 

I've already answered some of those questions with my early reports and tests of the cameras, but now I can reveal the bigger picture in my review where I'll discuss in detail how they perform in terms of autofocus and continuous shooting, along with talking about the design and build, movie quality and various lens options.

I'll tell you right now that the image quality is fantastic, but there's a number of issues and limitations you'll want to know about before committing to either of them. They're definitely not the right cameras for everyone and you can find out why in my review.

Speaking of which, this is the first part of my A7r review which includes image quality comparisons and evaluations based on out-of-camera JPEGs. Once Adobe fully supports their RAW files I'll get on with part two of the review which will add RAW comparisons, along with expanded sections on the video, Wifi and shooting modes.

Let me know what you think, and remember if you find my work useful, remember to Like and Share it, and please buy through my links at Cameralabs when you come to get gear online! Thanks!

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Sony A7r review | Cameralabs
Looking for a Sony A7r review? Find out if the new 36 Mpixel full-frame Alpha is the best mirrorless camera!

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