Port Willunga, South Australia

Colours of Port Willunga, South Australia

One of South Oz’s favourite icons, the old jetty ruins by the cliffs in Port Willunga. Although this particular angle doesn’t show it, the beach is covered with dreamy white sand and flanked with golden cliffs that run up and down coastline.

The tide was just at the right height for this shot. So I setup my tripod and used an ND filter to extend the shutter speed, allowing me to capture some nice motion in the water and give a more ‘dreamy’ feel to the photograph. Getting down low was also key to achieving the mood I was after, but not too low that the waves swallowed my camera. Always a hard one to achieve when it comes to shooting seascapes :-)

I also have several versions of this shot with the wave hitting the wooden pole, creating golden splash trails (which I’ll post later). But my favourite ended up being this one with the water sucking back out (after the wave), as I just love the leading lines outgoing water creates.

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