Morskie Oko

by | Jul 16, 2016

In the Tatra mountains, bordering northern Slovakia and southern Poland, sits Morskie Oko. A beautiful turquoise lake completely surrounded by forrest covered mountain slopes, topped with snow capped peaks. An absolutely stunning setting for both hikers and photographers alike. Getting to the view point in the second photograph (below) is extremely easy, and accessible by anyone. However the first photograph (above) requires another hour or two hike up the mountain behind. Those who make the trek will be rewarded by several waterfalls and views to die for.

Taking a few days break for my birthday, from the long haul cycle across Europe was great. This mountain chain is absolutely beautiful and well worth the time to explore.

Morskie Oko
Tatra Mountains

Both of these photographs were taken with an ultra-wide lens, which in this surrounding was necessary to fit both the foreground and background elements in. This is mainly due to how close the mountains were to the lake – literally rising straight up from it’s side. Due to this, it’s also difficult to portray the size and grandeur of such a scene, like higher millimetre focal lengths can. However, shooting such a scene at such a focal length allows me to also compose a complimentary foreground, which this scene was begging for.

Morskie Oko
Tatra Mountains
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