Farewell Europe, you’ve been amazing

by | Nov 5, 2016

The title pretty much says it all; Farewell, Europe – you’ve been absolutely amazing!

For those of you whom are just catching up, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to these last six months.

We started out by cycling 3,500km across Europe on a fully-loaded bicycle. Through the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania), down the length of Poland, across the mountains in Slovakia, along the Danube river in Austria and Germany, then through the Swiss Alps. It was an intensive few months (both mentally and physically), but a trip that gave one of the greatest sense of achievements upon crossing that finish line two and a half months later.
We were also lucky enough to cross paths with some close mates from back home and had the luxury of staying with their family. Not to mention getting in some delicious home cooked meals.

Cycling across the Swiss Alps

We then met up in Slovenia with our good friends from the US, and embarked on a several week, bad ass road-trip around the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania). Had an absolute crazy fun time. Yeah, probably heavily weighted towards the crazy end 😜 I think I’m still recovering from it!!

plitvice lakes, Croatia

We then headed north… far north, for a two month Arctic adventure. We braved the cold in a tent around Iceland for four weeks, being utterly dazzled with the northern lights on so many occasions. Rewarded with countless jaw-dropping waterfalls, and alien like volcanic landscapes.

Photographing Iceland

And then there’s Norway, in which exceeded my already ridiculously high expectations. How one country can have so many dramatic mountains is beyond me. We road tripped over 6,000kms in five weeks around it’s colossal southern fjords, and to it’s further northern Arctic wonderlands. We were even lucky enough to stumble upon and spend nearly an hour with a pod of Killer Whales just 20m of shore. A truly spectacular pocket of the world! A huge thanks to the amazing photographers Christian Hoiberg from capturelandscapes.com, and Lofoten’s own Stian Klo from lofotentours.com for taking the time out to catch up. It was really great meeting you guys (everyone, check out their stuff).

Lofoten Islands

In the coming months, I look forward to releasing and bringing you all the amazing photographs I’ve accumulated from up here. SO STAY TUNED!!

Here’s some phone footage from one of the last and most spectacular places of our trip. An archipelago of amazing islands 250km inside the Arctic Circle, called Lofoten. I climbed up to the peak of Reinebringen mountain for this view.

So for now, goodbye Europe… Next stop, Indonesia!

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