The list below is an assembly of my favourite natural wonders from various locations around the world. I’ve used the term “natural” to describe wonders that have occurred naturally without any human intervention. Having been on the road for most of my adult life, I’ve come to see some pretty amazing landscapes and scenery over the years. So I decided to make a short list depicting my favourite natural wonders I’ve bared witness to along the way. There are a few other more famous lists (here and here for example) which have been recently established over the last few years. Though, in my opinion these lists don’t do the natural wonders this planet has to offer the justice they deserve. So the following is something I generated in which I think much better deserves the title.

So, without further ado, I present Clint’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

  1. Erta Ale, Ethiopia
  2. “The gateway to hell” locals call it. One of the world’s most bizarre, dangerous, rare and impressive sights this planet has to offer. A magma pit bubbling straight from the Earth’s core, located deep in the Afar Depression, northern Ethiopia. The entire area has been dubbed “The cruellest place on earth” by National Geographic, due to it having the hottest average temperature on the planet, and being void of nearly all life. The bizarre landscape looks more like Mars than Earth.

    Click on the images below to enlarge.

  3. Jokulsarlon, Iceland
  4. Jokulsarlon is an extraordinary glacier lagoon that’s home to countless picture-perfect luminous blue icebergs. It would have to be one of the most unique places on the planet and certainly up there with the most beautiful. Jokulsarlon is located one-and-a-half kilometers inland on Iceland’s remote southern coast, between Hofn and Skaftafell.

  5. View from Gokyo Ri, Nepal
  6. An early morning view of the Himalayan mountain range from the peak of Gokyo Ri (5,357m), overlooking the rooftop of the world. The valley extending out in the center is Gokyo Valley, and houses some of the most beautiful scenery one could ever see.

    In this photograph you can see several 8,000+ metre peaks, including the worlds tallest; Mount Everest.

  7. Torres del Paine NP, Chile
  8. Located in southern Chile, towards the tip of South America, it’s home to one of the most unique and majestic group of mountains on the planet, and surrounded by a moat of bright turquoise lakes. “The end of the world” is what they call this region in southern Patagonia, because unless you catch a boat to Antarctica, you can’t get any further south on the planet

  9. Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan
  10. Here in the southern desert of Jordan sits an enchanting landscape that has a description more fitting for the moon than anywhere here on earth. Red sand extends the horizon with gigantic rock formations scattered throughout the plain, with unreal colours at the start and end of every day

  11. Perito Moreno, Argentina
  12. This place is just majestic… As the glacier slowly inches forward, ice sheets weighing tens of thousands of tonnes, break off and crash into the water, creating large waves and thunderous sounds every five to ten minutes. The glacier itself, is around the size of a 30 story building. One impressive site!

  13. Angel Falls, Venezuela
  14. The tallest waterfall in the world. Water spills out from the top the table top mountain and free falls over 1 kilometre before it finally reaches the ground in a fine mist. This would have to be one of the most mesmerising sites one could see

    Honourable Mentions

  15. Auora Borealis/Australis
  16. The night sky moves and lights up a stunning array of colours as the electrically charged particles from the sun, slam into the gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere. A natural beauty that can be seen upon approaching both the northern magnetic pole as well as the south.

  17. Uluru, Australia
  18. In the heart of Australia, a massive sandstone monolith appears out of nowhere, rising up out of the desert light a sentinel. The rock itself dates back 700 million years and is one of Australia’s most famous landmarks. Gazing upon this spectacle in the golden hour will have it shining a gorgeous bright orange/red colour.

  19. Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  20. A mind blowing curtain of waterfalls over two and a half kilometres long, straddling on the Argentinian and Brazilian border. The sheer power that is generated by the countless millions of litres of falling water every second that go towards making up the entirety of Iguazu, is just mind boggling.


    What’s your opinion?

    What do you think? What would you replace if you could make your own natural seven wonders? I would love to hear it in the comments below!

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