Hello and welcome to the Seven Wonders of the World… well, my new and improved version :-) Over the last ten years, I’ve travelled pretty much non-stop and seen some really wonderful things. During that time there’s been quite a few occasions where I’ve sat around late at night, in some quirky little town in the corner of some random country, playing cards with a couple of other backpackers. The subject of “the seven wonders” would occasionally come up, and we’d all sit there trying to name them off the top of our heads while counting how many of them we’ve been to.

Now, I’ve never really agreed with several of the worlds “seven wonders” that’s on the official list, and seeming though I’ve travelled to each and every one of these archaeological wonders, and far, far more, I thought I’d put pen to paper and come up with my own list that I think much more suites the title, Seven Wonders of the World.

So, without further ado, I present Clint’s new and improved 7 archaeological wonders of the world!

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru
  2. My favourite of them all! There really is nothing quite like arriving at the Sun Gate before sunrise and witnessing the ruins slowly getting revealed with the mist disappearing as the morning unfolds. In addition to how enchanting the ruins themselves are, Machu Picchu also comes surrounded by absolutely enchanting landscape with cloud piercing mountains, stunning valleys, and dense forest in all direction. One absolute magical experience!

  3. Petra, Jordan
  4. Kilometres of winding canyon, dozens of metres high, coloured with rich rusty colours, to open up to a mouth dropping site, the Treasury of Petra. Probably one of the best lead ups to a single site there is. You’ll stand in awe at the size of this thing and the magnitude of engineering that would of taken place to construct it. And that’s just the start of a much bigger Petra. One for everyone’s bucket list.

  5. Luxor, Egypt
  6. If there is a place where you can be transported back in time, this is it. Luxor Temple and the Temple of Karnak were founded in 1400 BCE and consist of hundreds of ancient pillars that will leave your neck aching at the end of the day due to gazing at towards the thousands of hieroglyphs that saturate every surface. Originally these two temples were connected via a long stone processional street called a Dromos, and lined with thousands of stone Sphinxes.

  7. Taj Mahal, India
  8. Arguably the most famous building on the planet, this structure definitely lives up to its reputation of stunning beauty. It’s entire demeanour just screams finesse and elegance. This is one place where photographs just don’t do it justice. It’s also a place that’s much larger than you picture, and once up close and personal, you wont fail to be impressed.

  9. Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)
  10. Amongst the most mesmerising historical sites on the planet, Bagan delivers an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Situated in the dusty central plains of Burma (Myanmar), in the small area of the Bagan Archaeological Zone, sits approximately 2,200 temples (yes, absolutely astonishing!). Though, the area originally housed over 10,000 Bhuddhist temles, pagodas and monasteries during the 9th to 13th century when central Bagan was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan.

  11. Pyramids of Meroe, Sudan
  12. Deep in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, sits one of the most extraordinary and ancient sites you could lay your eyes on, the pyramids of Meroe. This marvel sits far flung in the Sahara Desert, away from any form of civilisation. Getting to these remote relics is no easy task. Here stand over a dozen pyramids, with wind swept dunes sweeping like waves between each monolithic structure.

  13. Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia
  14. You’ve seen it on the television and on the internet, but nothing quite compares to exploring these ruins on foot. Larger than you might expect, you can spend quite a long time getting lost. Here you’ll work your way deeper into the maze of vines, roots and ruins. It’s like you’ve stepped into a mystical realm within a fantasy book. Out of all the ruins located outside of Siem Reap, Ta Prohm Temple takes the cake due to how unique it is.

    Honorary Mentions

  15. Tikal, Guatemala
  16. Mayan ruins are always interesting to explore. Scattered throughout the forest are pyramids and temples that will jump out at you at every turn. But, not just brilliant architects, this near 4 millennia old civilisation were known for their brilliance in art, mathematics and astronomy also.

  17. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  18. These need no introduction. Every school child around the world has heard of the Pyramids of Giza. The only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World, this colossal structure dates back to 2,560 BCE, and stands 146m tall. Sentinels in the desert.

  19. Palenque, Mexico
  20. Another stunning set of Mayan ruins that will have you exploring in awe all day long. Climbing to the tops of pyramids, looking out over the dense jungle tree tops, and listening to monkeys scream out right next to you, is all part of the experience.

The above list is my own version of what I think the seven wonders of the archaeological world should be. If you’re after the official list, that can be found here.

What’s your opinion?

What do you think? What would you replace if you could make your own archaeological seven wonders? Let us know what’s on your list in the comments below!

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