I really don’t mind sounding like a broken record on this subject, so I’m going to say this with a grin…
“Here I go again!”

Yep, I have in my grasp another one-way ticket! My first one-way passage sent me barrelling into Latin America in 2007/2008; the second to North Africa and the Middle-East for 2010; my third was recently when I froze my ass off cycling across the European continent, and now this ticket in my hand will send me hurdling towards Asia and beyond.

Starting just around the corner at the beginning of December, my partner Kirsty and I will be stepping off Australian soil for the first time together and heading straight for the bustling streets of Bangkok. Here we’ll spend a few months backpacking through the usual candidates that encompass South East Asia, before heading west and off the beaten track to Burma and Bangladesh. And due to our love for epic landscapes, and being so close, we couldn’t say no to hauling ourselves up through northern India and Nepal, where our Asia leg of the trip will likely end. That’s the idea anyhow.

“and beyond”… Well I did let it slip that this one-way ticket will be sending us on a voyage to Asia “and beyond”. So I guess “and beyond” means that, after the South East and Central Asia ‘leg’ of this trip… the journey is far from over! This is the beginning of something quite exciting, and while Kirsty and I aren’t sure where the road will take us at this point; whether it’s tumbling through Africa or on a road trip through Central America (yeah we have plenty of ideas), one thing for sure is… it will take us!

More good news – our good friend Zoe will also be jumping on that plane with us to lap up the good life of SE Asia for a month or two before continuing on to do some amazing work in Tanzania at the start of the new year.

My dream for a long time now has been to live in Colombia, so wherever we go, I hope at some point we end up there.

Kirsty and ClintKirsty and I at home, sipping on a beer while contemplating over our map

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