2014 – a year in review

by | Jan 5, 2015

2014 was quite a special year. We brought in the new year while celebrating in a beautiful and quaint little town in the western mountains of Colombia, called Salento. This was one of our last stops before taking the long journey south to Patagonia, the end of the world. Here we did some pretty tough trekking in some of the most unique and majestic mountains I’ve ever seen. Soon after we made our way up north to Lima, Peru, where we greeted my parents and took them to explore Cusco, Machu Picchu and more, before heading down to Argentina and Uruguay. This marked the end of a 16 month expedition west around the globe. What an experience!

Heading towards the middle of the year, we returned to Australia and began our nine to five, monday to friday day jobs, while undertaking the enormous task of cataloging and processing photographs. It was a tough gig to try and settle back into a routine after an experience like that, but focusing on the bigger picture helped to distract us a bit. I also wanted to take the opportunity to begin photographing South Australia’s coastline, with some of that amazing light we get with the sun setting over the ocean… which is still an ongoing project.

2015 is now here and I look forward to seeing what it has in store, and of course, planning that next adventure. I wish you all a great start to the new year!

Here’s 12 of my favourite photographs from 2014. I hope you enjoy…

Machu Picchu, Peru

Early morning deep in the mountains of southern Peru sits arguably the most beautiful site on the planet, Machu Picchu. Every morning the ruins start covered in a thick blanket of cloud, but as the sun starts to rise, the mist slowly dissipates revealing the stunning scene underneath. It’s not just the ruins that make this place so magical, it’s also the surrounding landscape.

Torres del paine, Chile

Up before first light in the dark, cold and unbelievably freezing wind, I decked myself out in all of my warmest clothes and trekked up to the top of a nearby hill in hope of capturing some of that morning light over one of the worlds most amazing mountains. With thick cloud cover all around me and rain on all horizons, I had little to no hope I was going to get what I came for. But just as I arrived to the top, the clouds opened up just in the right place to let some beautiful deep red sun rays to push through the clouds and create an absolutely surreal display of light over the snow capped peaks.

Valle de Cocora, Colombia

Deep in the Colombian mountains, a thin path lined with giant Wax Palms snakes its way through the vast landscape, bursting with every imaginable shade of green. Valle de Cocora, housing wax palms that grow to over 60m, is a 45 minute jeep ride out of Salento. This area is also amongst Colombia’s famous coffee growing plantations. The trip here takes some effort, as it requires multiple buses over a couple of days. But gazing your eyes across these unique landscapes definitely makes it a worthwhile trip.

Perito Moreno, Argentina

If you could describe this place in one word, it’d be “majestic”! This is one of the three glaciers on earth that are still getting bigger. As the glacier slowly inches forward, ice sheets weighing tens of thousands of tonnes, break off and crash into the water, creating large waves and thunderous sounds every few minutes. The glacier itself is around the size of a 30 story building. One impressive site!

Fitzroy Mountain Range, Argentina

The sun setting over the southern Patagonian Andes, lighting up the clouds nicely over one of the most beautiful mountains this planet has to offer; Fitzroy Mountain, southern Argentina. This photo was taken a few kilometers south of El Chalten, as we were arriving for the first time. A fantastic introduction to the area in which I had to capture.

Dunes of Huacachina, Peru

This area is home to the largest sand dunes on the planet, reaching higher than the Pyramids of Giza. Upon climbing up to the top, you can watch the sunset and just watch the rolling hills of sand extend to the horizon in every direction. Magic.

The Cuernos, Chile

Dark storm clouds rage in the background above the majestic shaped mountains Cuernos del Paine, while the extremely high gusts of wind ravage the landscape in the foreground creating quite a scene… This image I like quite a bit, due to the amount of research and effort I went to to achieve. It’s also of the cuernos, which is some of the coolest mountains around :-)

Machu Picchu, Peru

As mentioned before, this is my favourite place on the planet. I like this photograph quite a bit as it takes in a view point of Machu Picchu which I’ve never seen photographed before. A unique angle and focal length that really highlights the magnitude of it.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

This particular shot is of the Devils Throat. In just this little section, over 40 million litres fall over the edge every second. That’s insane, and has to be experienced to be appreciated. Though, the main body of water is to the right of this shot, I like this one a little more because of the composition.

Port Willunga, South Australia

One of South Oz’s favourite icons; the old Jetty Ruins by the cliffs in Port Willunga. Although this particular angle doesn’t show it, the beach is covered with dreamy white sand and flanked with golden cliffs that run up and down coastline.

Willunga Hills, South Australia

The beautiful hills above Willunga come alive with colour, during and just after the winter months. The rolling pastures make for some spectacular countryside views, especially around sunset when the golden light saturates the landscape. with the fresh air and gorgeous surroundings, I could spend many days exploring this countryside.

Hallett Cove Beach, South Australia

Here we have another fabulous array of colours washing over the shores of the cliff’s down at Hallett Cove. The protruding rocks in this photograph are around 600 million years old, and the large boulders found scattered on the beach were left there from the glaciers in the Permian Ice Age around 280 million years ago when Australia was part of the supercontinent Gondwana. Amazing history, stunning coastline.


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